Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cardboard Box

There is a wonderful book called Not In A Box by Antionette Portis. It's simply a story about creativity. And it reveals an indisputable truth about childhood: there are few things in life better than playing with a cardboard box. The possibilities are endless! So after a package from Maddy was delivered today, Grace spent an afternoon in the sunshine painting her "boat," "rocket ship," "truck," and "car." Not In a Box inspires children (and reminds parents) that the most basic things are often the best vehicles for the imagination. Activities like transforming a cardboard box help children to think like a writer does -- making something out of nothing.Jack expressed his creativity by painting the bottom of the cardboard box with his feet....
...and then Jack "signed" his work with a foot print!


just what being a child is all about! said...

Just another reason to mail more boxes!

Grace and Jack have such vivid imaginations. Now, what is better than a box, a blank canvas of sorts, that allows the creative mind of a child to fill her world with anything she wants. Another step on the path of being anything you want to be!

I just Love this! I am loving all those cute-cute feet, those with shoes and those without!

LOVE xo, Maddy

Anonymous said...

What a great activity to connect literature and a fun experience full of possibilities. It won't be surprising if that box has many lives and transports Grace to many faraway places. Maddy has given Grace and Jack another gift that fosters their creativity and imagination. Their Maddy is very special.
Love to all,

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