Monday, April 13, 2009

Crack, Crack!

Gracie girl had the best time this morning cracking our Easter eggs and taking the colored shells off. We are saving the egg shells for a fun project later on this week!

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Maddy and Poppy said...

OOooohhh, I can hardly wait to see what will come next! I love this look on Grace's is so Grace. Are Jack & Grace ready for our visit!?! There will be SO many hugs and kisses, I hope that they can take all the love that we'll be showering on them! Poppy and I pinch ourselves almost every day as we realize that we are Grandparents to these two absolutely beautiful babies! We are bringing all of our Maddy and Poppy love that we have missed for almost 4 months...and that is a LOT!
We can't wait! Until then, give Grace and Jack lots and lots of hugs from us.

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