Monday, January 31, 2011

L.L. Bean

We visited L.L. Bean on Saturday for a VERY SPECIAL reason (details to come!). L.L. Bean has a large fish tank with a dome viewing area within the tank that Jack and Grace enjoyed -- what a great way to observe the fish up close.

Baby Eve slept through most of our trip to L.L. Bean. She looked so sweet resting soundly in her stroller.

Jack enjoyed watching a fly fishing display in a trout pond located in L.L. Bean's main store.

Grace joined Jack on the rocks to get a closer look at the fish in the trout pond.

Every time we go to L.L. Bean Jack asks to see the "big clock." Jack has always been fascinated with clocks and this pendulum clock is his favorite thing about going to L.L. Bean.


Anonymous said...

L.L.Bean sounds like an amusement park, complete with excitement and wonder. The bubble looks like it could be a UFO, a spacecraft, or an underwater vessel. The clock could be a hypnotic, trance inducing experience with gears galore. All lend themselves to Grace and Jack's great sense of discovery.

Eve is the essence of tranquility amidst the chaos of the store.

Love this family time that you create.


Maddy, said...

Love these pictures! But, what happened to Jack!? He looks so grown-up now! He such a 'real little boy' !!

L.L. Bean is such a fun place for you. How lucky that you can drive right over and spend the day. I think that the dome in the middle of the fish tank is the best...especially when you get to see such beautiful faces smiling in it.

Watch out for all that clock~love because before you know it Jack will be just like Poppy and there will be clocks, ticking, striking, beeping, chiming, ringing, and spinning all over!

I am missing Eve, Jack, and Grace so much. I love seeing that sweet baby face of Eve's so much. I love seeing our Grace enjoying life as only she can all the time. I love seeing Jack growing up and taking in everything. Miss everyone.
Love, Maddy

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