Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making An Ice Bunting

Grace's performance in A Penguin Story yesterday inspired us to add some color to our outside world. Grace and Jack first started off this morning doing one of their favorite things -- water play. They enjoyed some time pouring water into various containers. This was the first step to their color project.

Grace and Jack then used food coloring to color the water that they poured into their containers. Jack enjoyed mixing colors together -- what a great science lesson for him!

Once all of the water was colored we added strings to each compartment and placed them outside on our porch. Once the water freezes we are going to make an ice bunting to hang outside (pictures to come once it is completed).

Grace and Jack went outside several times today to see if the water was a liquid or a solid. It was sunny today so the water did not end up freezing. It is going to be a cold night so Grace and Jack will be very excited tomorrow morning to discover colored ice!

I love the way the colored water looks outside. It is such a nice contrast to all of the white snow we have outside. I can't wait to complete the ice bunting and hang it outside this weekend. It will be the perfect way to brighten up our outside.


Maddy, said...

You have the best ideas ever!
Those colors are the perfect touch to all this white. Jack and Grace must have been full of fun. They love water play and mixing colors and pouring and science-talking. I really cannot wait to see your colored ice bunting hanging from your porch. I can imagine Baby Eve absorbing all of this while she sleeps. Think about how much she has learned from Big Sister Grace and Big Brother Jack all ready.

Hugs to all of the Scientists up there.
Love, Maddy

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by this experiment. This is the first time I've heard of an ice bunting. One thing I'm sure of, it's going to be colorful!
I'm looking forward to the pictures.

Love you,

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