Saturday, January 29, 2011

Choo Choo!

Here is the finished freight train that Grace and Jack worked on every day this past week! I hung their train on a wall in our playroom yesterday morning. Grace and Jack couldn't have been any more excited to see all of their hard work come together. Their train is based on the book Freight Train by Donald Crews.

Baby Eve enjoyed watching me hang the freight train on the wall and she was excited to see and hear Grace and Jack's reaction when it was finished. Later, Eve took a nap under the train. Grace and Jack kept calling Eve a "sleepy little caboose!"


maddy, said...

It's the most fantastic train! I love that you hung it in your playroom. It's wonderful to do a "book study" as you do. Something Eve, Grace and Jack will always remember. What is your next book project going to be?
Have a special Sunday at you home.
Love, Maddy

P.S.~, said...

ps--I forgot to mention how proud da Vinci would be to see his work amongst Grace's and Jack's!

Anonymous said...

Choo choo! That freight train is going places. I would love to hear what Grace and Jack have to say about what it is transporting and where it's going to make its deliveries. What stories they can spin! They have such a lively imagination.

Their artwork (and Mommy's) hangs beautifully in The Leger Gallery in Scarborough. A fine addition to their other masterpieces.


Anonymous said...

Eve, you couldn't have chosen a better environment in which to nap.
What lovely dreams you will have!


Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?