Saturday, January 8, 2011

We Are Family

We were so thrilled to have Grace and Jack visit Eve yesterday afternoon. They were both very excited to finally see their sister.

Grace has been lobbying for months to take complete care and custody of Eve. She has done a full pre-baby safety inspection of our house and identified numerous "one thing that concerns me ...." areas.

Jack was also eager to meet his baby sister. Jack calls Eve "E-V-E" as Grace has been spelling out Eve's name many many times to prepare Jack for her arrival. Jack even chose to spend time with Eve at the hospital rather than go see a helicopter, plane, train, or truck!

Mary Ann and Walter had such tremendous joy seeing baby Eve. It was so great to see the pride in their eyes ... and they have so much to be proud of with their beautiful granddaughter and perfect daughter who dedicates all of herself to her family.


Anonymous said...

priceless.....congrats. love, elsie

Anonymous said...

Wow. What incredible photos of Eve's first introductions to her big sister and brother. Such wonderful moments. Really special to see Maddy and Poppy with their new granddaughter.

Love, Uncle Adam

Anonymous said...

Grace and Jack are so loving and attentive to Eve. They are already dedicating themselves to showing her how much they care and to attend to her every movement. What a wonderful sister and brother await her knowing!

Congratulations, Maddy and Poppy!

Memere and Pepere

Anonymous said...

Grace and Jack's reactions to Eve are priceless. So tender and solicitous. So eager to include her in their life and activities.


Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?