Sunday, January 23, 2011

Memere & Pepere Meet Eve!

Memere & Pepere came to visit us last Thursday. This was the first time that they met our beautiful baby Eve. Eve is Memere & Pepere's fifth grandchild!

Grace & Jack had a great time showing Memere & Pepere how much fun it is to play with playdough in our art room. Baby Eve enjoyed relaxing and napping in her bouncy seat.

Memere & Pepere were so thoughtful to bring Grace & Jack their very own Bity Baby twin dolls from the American Girl Doll collection. Grace loved dressing her new doll and combing her hair. Grace decided to name her doll Crawlyn! :)

Jack loves his new Bity baby too. Jack named his doll Curel (after the lotion he uses after bath time). :)


Joy said...

That is too funny. I have been telling Melissa I want that twin set from AG just because the boy doll looks like Ben! =)

Aunt Melinda said...

Too cute, I love those American Girl dolls. We gave Michaela her first American girl doll for Christmas this year. It is Emily. It is from the World War 11 era. We loved it because it looked so much like Michaela and because that was an important time in my parents lives. We are going to take her to the American Girl store in NYC this spring. Glad Bob's parents had a great visit with you.

love to all, said...

I'm soaking in all of that love!

Memere and Pepere have five Grands. That is spectacular. I think it's fun that Jack is the only boy and he's right smack in the middle of that line, also. There's just something special about Jack-in-the-middle.

Their new dolls are so sweet and those names!
What a fantastic gift for them. Baby Eve looks so adorable in Memere's arms. They must have had the best day spending time with Grace, Jack, and Eve in your art room/sunroom. It's the most creative space I know.

I LOVE these pictures,

Anonymous said...

We couldn't wait for our first meeting with Eve. The night before, Pepere couldn't sleep, he was so excited. He was up and dressed well before our planned departure time.

She is precious, beautiful, and peaceful. When she is lying in your arms, all is right with the world.

Grace and Jack are amazing with her, attentive, solicitous, and eager to be at her beck and call.

We eagerly await our next venture to Maine.

Love, hugs, and kisses all around,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?