Thursday, January 20, 2011

Special Moments From Our Week...

Grace and Eve are the two most precious girls I know! These two are unbelievably sweet together. Grace has been teaching Eve everything she knows and Eve can't stop staring at her big sister whenever she is near. I just love watching these two sisters together and I can't wait to watch their sisterly bond grow as they do.

My heart bursts with pride over this sweet little boy of mine. Jack has adjusted to his new role of being a big brother with such grace and ease. Jack absolutely adores Eve and one of my favorite things is watching him interact with his baby sister. Jack loves to give Eve toys, "teeny tiny hugs," kisses in the morning when he wakes up and kisses before bed (and every minute in-between!), and he always tells her "it's okay baby Eve" whenever she cries.

Life has never been better since Eve joined our family. She is such a gentle, sweet tempered little one that we all adore and can't seem to get enough of!!! We love Eve so much and she is the perfect addition to our family.

Grace loves to dress up Eve and pick out all of her clothes and hair accessories. I have a great feeling that these two are going to be the best of girl friends as the grow up. Whenever I look at Eve I see so much of Grace in her. Eve looks just like Grace did when she was a baby.

Jack has really taken to baby dolls this past week. Jack has a new doll that he has named Will, which he feeds, bathes, comforts, sleeps with and takes the best care of. Jack is going to make such a wonderful father (and husband!) some day.

Jack loves to carry Will around in a sling - just like Mommy does with baby Eve!


loving those 3 so very much, said...

It's all about baby love in your home, Rebecca! I am almost finding it impossible to believe that Eve is half a month old today. Waaaayyy toooo fast!

I am so loving the sister-bond. I cannot wait to watch this new bloom open into the most amazing flower. And, Jack, well, I cannot get enough of Jack and Will. To nurture boys with the love of babies and family is a gift. I could never understand why dolls are primarily for girls. You are planting seeds in Jack's little heart and soul that allow him to express feelings of tender care giving, love, all its beauty. Another flower that I will be following as it opens into a compassionate generous man.

I loved seeing images from your week. I do miss seeing them in person, though.
Have a bright big beautiful day.
Love, Maddy

Donna said...

What a beautiful, sweet family... Enjoy every minute of your little ones!

Anonymous said...

You have such an incredible bond in your family. Love abounds and you foster this spirit so well with communication, sharing, giving, and understanding.

There is such gentleness and tenderness in these pictures, along with pride and caring. So, so sweet.

Love, hugs, and kisses to each of you,


Joy said...

And that is the best part about family! They now have not only you but each other!

P.S. Love Will and absolutely adore how Jack had him in a sling!...Ben has a baby too. =)

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?