Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three Weeks Old

Eve turned three weeks old of Friday. I wish that time would slow down a bit. Eve is the sweetest little thing!! We all love her so very much. She is extremely gentle, patient and easy going.

We spent most of our day on Friday upstairs in our playroom. Eve loved laying on one of Maddy's blankets while playing with toys and watching everything that Jack and Grace did. Eve especially enjoyed looking at her black and white books by Tana Hoban. Eve expresses a great interest in books (hooray!). Eve has a great attention span and she loves listening to books and looking at pictures. One of Eve's favorite things is to sit on my lap while I read with her, Jack and Grace.

Jack and Grace are so attentive to Eve. They absolutely adore their baby sister. Jack and Grace decided to give Eve a three week wellness check with their play medical kit on Friday. In the picture above Jack is taking Eve's temperature. Eve also had her eyes, ears and mouth examined. Grace took Eve's blood pressure and Jack also used a stethoscope to listen to Eve's heart. They were very happy to conclude that Eve is very healthy and growing. I LOVE watching Jack, Grace and Eve together.


Anonymous said...

Sleeping Beauty! Oh so sweet!

Big kiss,

Anonymous said...

How heart warming and tender this story is. It's so perfect to hear how much all three children love and adore each other. I am also, so happy, Rebecca, to hear that you have another book~child! I cannot wait to see you reading with your 3 children. It will be a sight for me to capture and put that permanent photo in my mind.

Sometimes when I least expect it, I'll find myself in a bit of disbelief that you have 3 children. And, even to this very day, I sometimes find myself still thinking you and Adam are those little children that we need to pick up after school. And, now the littlest baby is on her way to almost a month old already! Time!

I have a physical in another week and how I wish I could have Dr. Grace + Dr. Jack could give me that check-up that they do so well [all except for the growing part!].

Cherish each and every little moment with you sweet children.
Love you so so so much,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?