Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Days Old

We bring our precious little Eve home from the hospital tomorrow and we are all extremely excited to begin our life together as a family of five. Grace and Jack adore Eve and they have been so gentle and loving with her during their visits to the hospital each day. They both can't wait to have Eve home with them to love.

I love this picture of Eve - you can see she has a little dimple in her left cheek just like Grace does! The most surprising thing about Eve is how tiny she is. Compared to Jack's birth weight of 10.2 pounds and Grace's 8.13 pounds, Eve seems so teeny tiny to us! Eve is such a sweet, cuddly and loving baby and we can't wait to bring her home tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dorothy was certainly right. "There is no place like HOME!" It will be so nice when little Eve can take her first car ride home and she her wonderful nursery room. Then the domino effect of her first experiences can begin.

Love, Uncle Adam

Joy said...

She is precious! I so know how you feel. My Jake (firstborn) was 10.2 and when they handed me Natalie she didn't feel real she was so tiny compared to my guys! Again, she is just precious! Enjoy this time!

Anonymous said...

So, what can i say! She is such a beautiful baby! She will brighten your home with many rays of sunshine, now and for many years to come. I am so glad that you have prepared Grace and Jack so well for Eve's coming home. They have already shown that they love her very much.
Congratulations to the proud parents (and grandparents too)!

Anonymous said...

Love to all of you! Mem and Pep.

Anonymous said...

There's no place like home. What a great feeling it must be to be cocooned with all the family. Going from expectancy to acceptancy. Love abounds, and life must be quite stimulating and lively. What a beautiful life!

Bountiful hugs and kisses from Massachusetts,
Memere and Pepere

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?