Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Penguin Story by Antoinette Portis

Grace has been involved in the Teensy Weensy Theater Program since September. Every Wednesday Grace goes to her theater class at the Children's Museum. At the end of every month the children put on a play that they had been practicing all month. The plays are based upon stories. The play this month was A Penguin Story by Antionette Portis. For the past two months our Gracie girl has had the lead role. This month Grace played the role of Edna ~ a penguin in search of color who searches and searches and then one day she finds it. Yellow and orange!

We are so proud of Grace and all of her hard work that she has done in her theater class. Here are some pictures from her performance today:

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Maddy + Poppy, said...

"Brava, brava, Grace!!"
We are giving you a standing ovation all the way from here in Middlebury!

Dearest Grace/Edna,
How wonderful for you. We are so happy that you enjoy the stage. It is a perfect fit for you. Your comfortable confidence is amazing. YOU are amazing!! We are as proud as peacocks or penguins!
Love, Maddy + Poppy

ps-love your costume and that smile, oh my!

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