Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Wonderful Christmas Celebration...

On Saturday we celebrated Christmas with Memere, Pepere, Auntie Allison, Uncle Steve, Rose and Kimberlee. We were supposed to get together the day after Christmas but the big blizzard altered our plans a bit! We were very fortunate to have spring-like weather on Saturday (notice NO COATS!) so that Grace and Jack could enjoy their new bicycles and helmets outside with their cousins. Thank you so much to everyone for coming to Maine to celebrate with us. We so enjoyed our day together and the time shared was the best gift of all! Here are a few pictures from our day together...
Grace and Rose

Jack giving Memere her Christmas gift.

Auntie Allison and Kimberlee!

The cousins!

Jack taking his new bike into the snow!

Pepere, Kimberlee and Jack

That Uncle Steve is so much fun!

Cousin Kimberlee opening her gift.

Cousin Rose drawing on our chalkboard wall.

Pepere opening Jack's new front loader.

Our beautiful Gracie girl.


Mary Ann to All!, said...

Loving all the specialness in these photos!
It is wonderful to see everyone! Those cousins are just precious (adding another one on Friday!).

And, all the bikes! And... bike riding on January 1st--without jackets! Could a day ever be more perfect all around!

Are the children playing limbo in your living room? I certainly hope that isn't a new fascination for Roo and Grace because there is no~way I could 'get down' for that next week!!

It is a gift in itself to see this beautiful family smiling and happy and so loving.

Aunt Melinda said...

Thinking about you tonight. We will be praying for you tomorrow and for sweet little Eve. Please let us know as soon as she is born. Enjoy having your parents there too I bet everyone is excited.

Love you,
Aunt Melinda

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?