Sunday, January 16, 2011

New pictures will be coming soon!

This past week we have been loving everything that comes with a new baby -- baby sounds, sweet baby smells, watching Eve sleep, baby learning time, tummy time, tiny clothes, swaddling, feeding and oh so much more! Eve has been the perfect addition to our family. She is such a sweet and content baby girl. Bob and I are beyond proud of Grace and Jack and how well they have welcomed their baby sister into our home. First thing Grace and Jack ask for in the morning is to see baby Eve in order to give her kisses and "teeny tiny hugs." They help in any and every way that they can so that Eve is happy, warm, safe and having fun!

Bob is home with me all this coming week so we can begin our life together as a family of five. I hope to get back to some regular blog posting starting some time next week. Until then I'll try to post a few pictures when I can. It's amazing to me how much Eve has changed in just one week.

A very big thank you to Memere who came to Maine for a few days before Eve was born. A one day trip for Memere turned into a three day trip as I was in the hospital because we thought Baby Eve might be coming earlier than planned! It was comforting for me to know that Grace and Jack were so well taken care of while I was in the hospital. Thank you, Memere.

An extra big thank you to Maddy & Poppy who had been with us since the day before Eve was born. They went back to Vermont yesterday morning. I could never express how thankful and very appreciative I am to have had them with us last week. I was able to get some extra rest and focus on healing and taking care of Eve while Grace and Jack enjoyed lots of Maddy and Poppy time. As always, thank you so very much for all that you do for me, for my children, and for our family. I love you both more than words can say.


Anonymous said...

Rebecca, how wonderful and exhilerating to hear of all the joy and pleasure that you are experiencing individually and as a family. How inspiring and cute to hear how Grace and Jack start their day, sharing their love with their little sister. You have taught them well.

We look forward to seeing new pictures and reading news about all the little and big things that happen in your lives. All in due course.

Our love to each of you, hugs and kisses,
Memere and Pepere

Maddy's thoughts, said...

Oh, there is nothing in the whole world like a new baby.
Rebecca, I still am pinching myself in realizing that you are the Mama of three children. Weren't you just a little girl yourself a few days ago? Enjoy each and every little 'busy' moment because before you know it you'll be asking yourself that exact same question!

I learned so much from Jack and Grace and Eve last week. They are the best teachers. They always remind me of the simple delights of life that we begin to take for granted...especially begin footloose and fancy free.

Here are some of my most favorite memories that I would like to document. Grace performing on that stage, singing her little heart out to the audience. Jack skiing, snowboarding, and surfing on my legs. Seeing that little Baby Eve for the very first time and marveling at how much she looks like Grace. Watching two children eat and do acrobatics at the same time [and wondering how they do it!]. Just knowing that Jack will be a mountain climber, a sports enthusiast, and a long distance runner someday real soon. Taking Grace to ballet class and peeking through the window at the most graceful dancer [those hands of her's tell stories]. Scooping big mounds of ice-cream into dishes for Jack + Grace (I know it was tooo much but isn't that what a Maddy does?). Loving all things newborn from the littlest diapers, to that baby smell, to using the most gentlest hands to reach inside those long sleeves to find those teeny hands to pull thorough, and being so proud to see Eve wrapped and swaddled in my blankets that I stitched with love for her. Learning all the names of Jack's trucks again and wondering if I will ever know an excavator from a digger as only Jack can. Listening to Grace read books that 2nd graders read and watching her 100's of words on that ring be read with lightening speed and trying to remember that she barely just turned four. Seeing Jack climb out of his crib--I know I didn't tell you about that one yet! Making red paper snow plows for Jack's trucks during the blizzard that struck on Wednesday. Helping to get Jack and Grace ready for their first visit to see Eve and being so busy that I forgot to wear my coat. Falling in even-more love with Grace's knowledge, Jacks' personality, and Eve's sweetness than I could ever have imagined possible.

Thank you for the adventures of love.

PS-Dearest Rebecca, take the best care of yourself as you continue to heal and grow into your new roll as a Mama to three. It's such a joy to watch you and Bob parent those extraordinary children. Both of you try to take moments for yourselves when those darlings are sleeping!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?