Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Last Day of 2010

Here are the last two pictures taken of Grace and Jack in our home in the year 2010. Thank you for the time you spend here on our blog. I wish you all the most happiest of New Years. May we all continue to celebrate the beauty and fullness of our everyday lives in the year to come!

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only the new beginning!, said...

You couldn't have ended this past year of 2010 in a grander way than sharing these two photos of our Grands! They are so irresistible and you captured them preciously, Rebecca.

It is such pure joy to be allowed peeks into your life as these beautiful children are grow. It's one of the most difficult things-to be Grandparents-living so far away. Through this incredible blog you bring laughs, amazement, thoughts, memories, a few happy tears, and MANY smiles to us. Thank you!

Love to All of You. Take the very best care, Rebecca, for the next few days.
Mom and Dad

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