Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Groundhog Day!

Grace and Jack made groundhogs today to get ready for Groundhog Day. We have severe winter storm warnings out for tomorrow and we are supposed to receive 20+ inches of snow! I don't think that our groundhogs will be seeing their shadow tomorrow so perhaps this means that spring is right around the corner?!?? I hope so!

Baby Eve enjoyed resting in my sling while Grace and Jack made their groundhogs. Eve is such a good little sleeper and I love to carry her in a sling. I am treasuring every day that I have with Eve because the baby days go by so quickly. Before I know it Eve will be sitting at that little green art table alongside her big brother and sister.

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another snowstorm, said...

Love the ponytail, the backwards hat, and the hood!

Yes, it is true the official Groundhog did not see his shadow. So, that means it will be an early Spring this year. That is a good~thing!

I was thinking the exact same thing, Rebecca, about Baby Eve growing right up. I can't wait to see you carrying her in your sling. I bet she is just like a sweet baby kangaroo tucked in there.

Keep all your little busy bees tucked inside your cozy home today as that snow blows outdoors and piles up before our eyes. Please, ask Jack and Grace to measure your amount and I'll do the same and we can compare. That will be fun. Ask Grace and Jack to estimate the amounts and who they predict will have the most. We know how Grace always seems to make the best guesses, predictions, and estimates!

Love to all you snow bunnies up there,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?