Monday, February 7, 2011

Grace's First Day of Preschool

We surprised Grace on her first morning of preschool with a special message for her on our blackboard wall.

I put this card into Grace's lunch bag to surprise her when she was at school. I always want Grace to know that I am thinking of her when she is away and also to let her know that I couldn't wait to hear all about her big day! I plan on leaving Grace a little card or note in her bag every day she goes to school.

Here is Grace at her preschool! I couldn't wait to pick her up after her first day last Thursday. I missed Grace so much when she was gone but I was so happy to hear that Grace had such a fun first day. Grace absolutely LOVES preschool.

Here is Grace packing up all of her things into her backpack. Grace loves organizing and she has been enjoying packing and unpacking her backpack!

Grace will be going to preschool on Thursday and Friday mornings. More about her preschool program to come...


Maddy, said...

I have so much to comment about I almost don't know where to begin! Oh me, oh my!

I guess I'll begin with why I am smiling right now. All I can think about is seeing Adam's face when he sees the photo of Grace and reads your statement about Grace organizing her backpack! I just KNOW he will be thinking, "That's exactly what Rebecca did!!" Whenever we get to talking about school he always brings up how organized you were, you had everything labeled, color-coded, sharpened, and stacked! Oh, he will be laughing right out loud when he sees Grace!

How sweet to have a message for Grace on your chalkboard wall. I love it so! And, of course, as only you could do, Rebecca, tucking in those love~notes to your girl. Love that, too!

Grace looks so pretty and so happy and so excited to begin this new trek in her life. She is quite the girl. She is something else. I find myself saying that about her all the time because there is NO way to describe her to others. How can you possibly attempt to explain her!! Her teachers will be quite amazed when she shows them all she knows. I cannot wait to hear all about what she learns, who her new friends will be, what she feels about the behaviors of her peers, how her morning rolls, and where she fits into all of this. It will be a new adventure for all of us to climb along with her.

Happy trails to you, our Gracie Girl, as you grow into this new roll as a student.
I Love You, Maddy

ps...Adam, I cannot wait for us to laugh together after you read this post!!

The Ousdahls said...

Very exciting! It looks like Grace had a wonderful day! I love putting special notes in their backpacks too! I remember finding notes from my Mom during my school days...from pre-school up to high school...and I loved EVERY SINGLE one of them too, as I know Grace does as well!



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