Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Snowy Groundhog Day

Grace, Jack and Baby Eve put the finishing touches on their groundhogs yesterday. We all bundled up and headed outside to see if the groundhogs would see their shadows. Due to the big snowstorm we received yesterday the groundhogs in Scarborough, Maine did not see their shadow. Spring must be coming soon!

Here are a few pictures from our snowy Groundhog Day yesterday...


Aunt Melinda said...

No shadows here either...I hope that proves right because I am so so ready for spring.
Love you guys,
Aunt Melinda

Anonymous said...

Even the groundhogs are rooting for spring, a confirmation that we've had enough stormy, cold weather. Here's to sunny skies, colorful flowers, and green lawns.


Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?