Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting Ready for PRESCHOOL!

Grace will be starting PRESCHOOL for the very first time tomorrow (weather permitting)! To celebrate the beginning of school we took Grace to L.L. Bean over the weekend so she could choose a backpack and a lunch bag. This was such an exciting and a very special trip for Grace. She was proud to let everyone in the store know that she would be starting preschool this week!

Gracie girl checked out all of the backpacks in the store and had fun trying on many different styles!

Jack-a-roo was so excited for his big sister and he was such a big help in finding the perfect backpack and lunch bag for Grace. What a sweet brother that Jack is to his two sisters!

Grace finally found the perfect backpack for her. How exciting!

Grace was SO excited to have her name embroidered on her backpack. She has been packing and unpacking her bags all week in preparation for her big day tomorrow.

I can't believe Grace will be wearing this bag tomorrow to her first day of school. Grace is growing up so quickly. I will miss my little girl so much while she is at school tomorrow morning but I am comforted to know how very much Grace will love this whole new adventure of hers. I am so proud of Grace.


school days!, said...

I cannot believe this day has arrived so quickly. Things will never be quite the same now that the school days have begun. There will be so many new things to share, teachers, learning, friends, and playing. Your home will be all a buzz with these new adventures.

Grace will adore school. She will be just like a little sponge soaking it all in. Wait until her teacher finds out all that Grace knows. The stories will be endless!

I love the new backpack and the lunch bag. Oh, my, it's all so grown~up. Please, have our Grace call us later on after she shares her day with you. We'll be waiting to hear.

Fly little bird, fly ---
May each day bring you new learning and adventures that will carry you to new levels.
We Love You So,
Maddy and Poppy

ps..dear Rebecca, enjoy your morning with your two littlest ones. I'm betting Jack will be asking about his big sister all morning.

Aunt Melinda said...

Wow, how will love preschool Grace. I love the backpack you picked out. It is very colorful. Have a great day at school. You will do great.
Aunt Melinda

P.S. - Rebecca, this will probably be harder on you...we all shed a little tear..they grow up so fast.

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day! I think that Grace has been waiting for this day for years. Wanting to go off on her own, and then to come back with a multitude of details to share about her day.
I can't wait to hear them all.

Grace what a beautiful backpack you chose. It's stunning! Super choice.

What will it be like for you, Rebecca? More quiet? That's a relevant term and not easy to acquire when raising children.
What I know for sure, the hours will race by.

This will be quite an adjustment for Jack, but he just might revel in the role of the "oldest" and the model for Eve. Mostly, he will assuredly love his Mommy time.

I am very happy for Rob, to have this morning time with Grace, alone in the car, hearing of her expectations, bringing her into school. Then, when she gets picked up, she can "unload" all her experiences for Rebecca, Jack, and Eve. Family experiences!

Anxiously awaiting details and pictures,
Memere and Pepere

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?