Monday, February 7, 2011

Jack & Eve

While Grace was at preschool on Thursday and Friday morning, Jack & Eve enjoyed their time together. They spent lots of time upstairs playing in our playroom. Jack is a very sweet big brother and he kept bringing toys over to share with Eve ~ even when she was sleeping!

Eve loved being all wrapped up in her warm blanket and taking a nap in her cozy chair while Jack played.

Jack enjoyed making a spring project in our art room. He took a little break from his work to be silly... that Jack-a-roo certainly keeps us laughing all of the time!

Jack is always checking on Eve. Jack puts his head close to Eve whenever she is sleeping and softly whispers, "Eve, are you sleeping? Are you okay?"

Jack enjoyed cooking with me while Grace was at preschool. We surprised Grace with whole wheat yogurt pancakes when she came home from her first day at school.

Jack & Eve had fun playing with play dough together. Jack kept bringing Eve handfuls of play dough to touch. Jack also loved teaching Eve all about his trucks that he used to build roads with using the play dough.

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maddy, said...

Oh, my goodness!

I love these moments with the two littlest ones. And, that Jack-a-roo, isn't he just so so so so cute when he gets to being silly. I could reach right out and squeeze him! I'm missing our boy so much.

Evey Pye is so absolutely beautiful I cannot get enough of her. That bow shaped little mouth of hers is about as precious as precious can be. I need some baby love real soon.

Rebecca, it must be very different for you without Grace there on Thursday and Friday mornings. I'm pretty certain Jack must have questioned you time and time again about his big sister. I love the tender moments between big brother Jack and his little sister. You captured it so affectionally for us to see.

How Much I Love All of You,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?