Friday, February 4, 2011

Eve's Room

A very special thank you to Maddy for all of her help in decorating Eve's room. Maddy made Eve's curtains and garland and chose the beautiful fabric for her crib bedding. One of my favorite things in Eve's room is her dandelion flower wall decal. Maddy & Poppy gave Grace, Jack and Eve their own wall decals for each of their rooms for Christmas. The decals add such a special touch to the rooms.


Anonymous said...

The room is gorgeous, wistful, dreamy. Any girl's dream. Rebecca, you and Maddy make up a wonderful decorating team. Kudos to you.


The Ousdahls said...

What a gorgeous room! As a Native Delawarean, I couldn't help but admire the Delaware Colors!! So whimsical and happy!



Donna said...

What a cozy, fun room! It's no wonder dear Eve is a good little sleeper... this room is made for sweet dreams!
Hugs from Vermont,

Aunt Melinda said...

I just love this room. So bright and cheerful. I love the flowers....Delaware colors too are great. Blue and gold. Your mom is a very talented woman with all that sewing. Me, I just buy the things my girls need. Sewing frustrates me. Have a great day with your little ones.
Aunt Melinda

Maddy, said...

I love Eve's room so much. I will always remember applying the blowing dandelion to her wall with Poppy. It feels just like an extension of the view from her windows.

It will be exciting to watch this little baby grow up into a little girl and beyond in this room. The blues, yellows, and white are the perfect balance for the pinks of Grace's.

Eve is a sleeping beauty in her beautiful room.

Love, Maddy

ps-we have so enjoyed all the Delaware color comments!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?