Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"I Love You" Heart Shaped Tea Bag Tags

Grace & Jack love drinking tea and I love making cups of tea with them ~ it is something that we have been enjoying together for the past year. I surprised Grace, Jack & Eve with special Valentine tea bags on Valentine's Day morning. To make these special tea bags I first chose a watercolor painting that Grace, Jack & Eve painted together for Valentine's Day. I cut out tiny heart shapes from their paintings and replaced the original tea bag tags with their own special watercolor hearts. I wrote "I love you" on each of their tags, put the special tea bags into mugs and had them placed on our kitchen window sill Valentine's Day morning to surprise them! Grace & Jack loved their Valentine's Day cups of strawberry lemon tea yesterday (made with lots & lots & lots of love) and Baby Eve enjoyed smelling and touching her special tea bag.

Baby Eve was with me in a Baby Bjorn on Valentine's Day morning while Grace & Jack were enjoying their tea so I did not get a picture of her experiencing her first tea bag. I will, however, be posting pictures of our sweet Eve on her very first Valentine's Day in an upcoming post! Also, stay tuned for more pictures of Grace, Jack & Eve at Daddy's work handing out these special Valentine tea bags to everyone there and a few more Valentine's Day pictures too.


Dad/Poppy said...

Hello Tea Drinkers:

There's nothing like a spot of tea on a cold morning. I remember my mother always drank tea...never coffee. I so very much enjoy seeing these pictures.
Love, Dad/Poppy

i love you, said...

Do you know how my heart bursts with ♥love♥ when I see these beautiful children.

Poppy and I are so happy to have some of your special tea bags. I have to admit it is difficult to use them, though. I placed them in a mug with the sweet tags hanging on the outside. It looks so pretty.

After being away from your blog for a few days, I come back and Eve, Jack, and Grace have grown a few more inches! Evie Pye looks just like Grace! Jack is such a big boy and even cuter! Grace's new haircut is adorable!

Kisses and hugs galore to my Grands,

p.s....Rebecca, you are so amazing!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?