Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Month Old

Our sweet baby Eve was one month old yesterday. I can hardly believe that a full month has gone by already -- our time with Eve is going by much too quickly! Eve has started to smile over the past week and it is the most wonderful thing. Eve always smiles in the morning when she first sees Grace and Jack. Eve has also started to coo and she make sounds in response to sound play games. Eve rolls from her side onto her back and enjoys rolling on her play mat. Eve has discovered her hands and enjoys looking at them. She does a great job reaching for suspended toys. Eve turns her head in response to sounds and tracks moving objects and pictures. Some of Eve's favorite things include the following: books, music, dancing, bouncing on a large ball with Mommy, her big brother & sister, reaching for suspended toys, sleeping, and her play mat.


Maddy, said...

Just look at those cheeks! Eve has grown so!
She is a beauty and my, how much she looks like Jack and Grace. I was secretly hoping that all three children looked alike and I believe that it is true.

Eve, you are a doll~baby! I cannot believe that an entire month has passed us by this quickly. I miss you so. I love your heart outfit. And, wow, oh, wow, look how much you are doing already. I'm sending you up lots and lots of big smiles and hugs and sweet kisses on those amazing cheeks of yours. I Love You, my darling,

ps--Eve, I smile when I see Grace and Jack, too!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, she is soooooo beautiful and peaceful.....love, love the pictures of lovely eve.

hello to sweet grace, and big brother jack.

love and hugs, elsie

Donna said...

Eve looks so peaceful and calm, having sweet dreams of her loving family... What a beautiful little girl!
In awe of your special family,

Anonymous said...

She's purely and simply gorgeous.
That smile raises me up and makes the world brighter. My day is better already.

How can she be doing so much and she's only one month old! It's incredible.

Love you to bits, Eve.
(Now that's an expression you can try explaining to Grace.)



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