Sunday, February 13, 2011

Delicious Maine Blueberries

The state of Maine is known for its delicious blueberries and our Jack-a-roo certainly agrees! Every Sunday morning Grace & Jack make pancakes. This morning we made a blueberry sauce using Maine blueberries to put on our pancakes and Jack enjoyed every bite!


Maddy, said...

Oh, goodness, Jack should be on a poster for Maine blueberries!

Isn't he just the cutest little boy....and that twinkle in those eyes!

I wouldn't even bother with the pancakes because one could eat our Jack right up!

I am so-loving our Jack,

ps--can you imagine the joy it would bring me to remove those blueberry stains from that white shirt.

Anonymous said...

Jack certainly appreciates good food. How can you hold back when you are so totally enjoying the moment, or more specifically, Maine blueberries.

He is handsome in any guise, - face food, paint, oobleck, shaving cream, whatever.


Poppy said...

Hello Jack:

You go, boy...get it ALL!. I'm glad to see you're not hiding your inner moonlight.
Love, Poppy

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