Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our U.S. Capitol Tour

Our first stop off of our double decker tour bus was at the Capitol building. Grace and I couldn't wait to see it together for the first time! After walking around the outside, we went inside for a tour.

Grace stood for a moment to look at all of the statues and people inside of the Capitol's Visitor Center.

We wore headphones during our tour of the Capitol, which Grace loved! We had a fantastic tour guide who was so well versed in the interesting historical and architectural information of the building.

Grace studied John Trumbull's famous Declaration of Independence for quite some time. It was amazing to see it up close!

The Rotunda canopy with the fresco painting The Apotheosis of Washington was so beautiful.

Grace and I enjoyed the National Statuary Hall. I had not realized before our tour that in 1864, in accordance with legislation sponsored by Justin Morrill, Congress invited each state to contribute two statues of prominent citizens for permanent display in the room.

Grace and I found Vermont's statue of Ethan Allen in the Statuary Hall. When we returned home from our trip I did some research and learned that Maine has statues of William King and Hannibal Hamlin. I thought my Dad might be interested to know that one of the statues from Delaware is of Caesar Rodney. :)


Mom, said...


-Grace's intense expressions
-those headphones!
-that amazing painting of the signing of the
Declaration of Independence
-the Rotunda
-the looking up!
-our Ethan Allen from the Great State of Vermont
-that you found him and knowing you can take the girl out of Vermont but Vermont will forever remain in your heart, Rebecca
-and finally, mentioning Caesar Rodney and Dad in the same sentence!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

The tour was a great idea, and I am wowed by the intensity of Grace's interest in all this history and architecture. She's quite the "little" girl!

Love, hugs, and kisses,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?