Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ogunquit Beach

I love how much Jack enjoys the beach. All Jack needs is a stick and he could spend all day imagining, building, designing castles and drawing in the sand. On this day at Ogunquit, Jack had fun building sand castles, filling his bucket with water, dancing in the waves, playing ball and practicing his surfing.

Eve is a beach baby! She loves kicking her feet in the sand and touching it with her hands. Eve also enjoys sitting in the sand and feeling the waves come in along the shoreline. On this day at Ogunquit, Eve spent most of our time their napping, therefore, I only have these two pictures of her. Eve will have her own special seven month old post coming soon!

Grace is definitely the bravest girl I know! It doesn't matter how big the waves are or how cold the ocean water may be...she is always right there. Grace loves surfing and she spent most of our day at Ogunquit practicing. She is our surfer girl.

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Maddy + Poppy, said...

These pictures are just so wonderfully beautiful. They should definitely be in a Maine vacation magazine or brochure for family Summer trips! Really. Really. Great photography, Rebecca. But, it's pretty easy when you have such tremendous subjects!

And finally, lucky, lucky Poppy & I--for we have one of those amazing children visiting with us all this week. We are so missing the other two little ones, though. We look so forward to them getting a bit older so they can spend time with us, also.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?