Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime Ball Print Painting!

To celebrate the arrival of summer Grace and Jack thought it would be fun to cover the inside of our pool with paper to make a summertime ball print painting. Grace and Jack had a great time rolling balls through paint and then rolling the paint covered balls down the pool slide to make a fun painting to kick off summer!

Jack decided to squirt paint into a bin. He placed several balls into the bin to coat them with paint and then he rolled them down the pool's slide. Jack's painting method worked beautifully!

Grace and Jack later worked together to roll the balls from one side of the pool to the other by rocking the pool back and forth.

Great teamwork!

Jack loved rolling the balls down the slide and he was delighted to see the path the balls made as they rolled toward the center of the pool.

Grace tried rolling the balls through the paint from the side of the pool. I love how Grace and Jack each had a different approach to this style of painting.

I love those paint covered hands. By the end of this activity Jack ended up being covered in paint from head to toe!

Here is the finished summertime ball print painting!

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