Friday, June 10, 2011

The" Exersaucer" Through the Years!

June 2011
5 months old

April 2009
5 months old

April 2007
Almost 5 months old

Click here to see when we first got our exersaucer!


the Vermont Grandparents!, said...

Here we are this showery Saturday morning loving these images more than words can say! We pinch ourselves all the time to 'really' believe that we have these three most beautiful and precious babies as our Grandchildren. Grandchildren--even the sound and meaning of that words makes us both weak-in-the-knees with such incredible joy.

We just adore the way each of the children have their very own personalities but mesh together in such a loving family. It is a true gift to watch and hear about.

Love to all five of you (Petey, Click and Clack, and anything else living in your home at the moment!) !!
Forever and Ever,
Maddy and Poppy

Aunt Melinda said...

Love going down the memory lane and glad that you have definitely gotten your money's worth out of it. Too cute. Eve seems to love it too. Have a great one.
Aunt Melinda

Anonymous said...

way too cute....loving and enjoying all the pictures of your beautiful and adorable children.

they are growing so fast.

love, elsie

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?