Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Magical Place

We discovered this magical place in the woods right near our home last weekend. We enjoyed making fairy houses and bark baots, playing in the stream and walking across the footbridge.


YN0T said...

its so magical :I wish we had something like that over here at SD

dreams are made of this, said...

Just when I thought that living so near the ocean was just about as magical as one could get--you share this incredible irresistible place with us. It looks as if you are in a movie set for an enchanted film! I can feel the astounding beauty all the way here as you captured it so perfectly in your photos, Rebecca.

Eve, Grace, and Jack are so taken with this forest setting. Fairy houses and bark boats...just some of my favorite things ever! We cannot wait to share in all this rapture and charm with you. The children look just like little forest fairies themselves--spellbinding.

Happy trails to you. L♥VE, Maddy

Anonymous said...

i agree with maddy....spellbinding indeed.

:-) elsie

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?