Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I won't be back with new pictures today after all. The drive where our pictures are stored is all filled up (do you think I might be taking too many pictures!?!!). :)
We will work on transferring them to an external hard drive. I hope to be back with pictures tomorrow or Wednesday. Happy first day of summer -- I'll be sure to share some of the ways we celebrated the arrival of summer as soon as I can!


Anonymous said...

Every picture on the blog is beautiful and precious. Thank you for taking each and everyone of them.


so far away, said...

Even though it has only been a few days it feels like a hundred years since we were last together.

Your photos and images mean the world to Grandparents who live 5 hours away. It keeps us going!

Love forever and then ever,
Maddy and Poppy

maddy, said...


maddy, said...

pretty please

maddy, said...

pretty please with a cherry on top

maddy and poppy, said...

okay, so now we will not only add the cherry on top but sprinkles and mile high whipped cream and any topping you'd like (pineapple, hot fudge, marshmallow, butterscotch, strawberry, carmel, blueberry, apple pie....!)

We just need to see updates of our Beautiful Grands :) !!!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?