Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grace's End of the Year Preschool Ceremony

Grace and her preschool class were very excited to have their family and friends gather together Thursday evening. We were invited to see the class perform songs and dances and to watch a slideshow showing all of the hard work the class had done throughout the school year. Grace and her classmates each made their own shirt to wear during the ceremony. In the picture above Grace's teacher, Ms. Janai, is helping Grace put on her shirt prior to the performance.
Grace looked so sweet in her handmade shirt and her tutu. Grace wore this very same tutu for her first birthday too! You can click here and here to see.

Grace and her classmates did a great job showing us all that they had learned throughout the year at preschool. As always, we are so incredibly proud of our Amazing Grace.


M + P, said...

We are here on this Sunday morning in almost disbelief that our little Grace is 4 1/2 and finishing her first year of school. How did that all happen so quickly!? Oh, if only we could make time stop if even for a short time. We so love each and every stage of watching our Grands grow up.

Our Amazing Grace is just so amazing. She is full of wonders that we never even knew were possible. it's all so true...her reading, her writing, her love of nature, her continual quest for knowledge and more answers to more questions. We can't get enough of her!

We LOVE our Gracie Pie Girl !
Maddy & Poppy

*have a fun Sunday with the other members of the team that are JUST as interesting and phenomenal !

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Grace, and Congratulations!
We are so happy that you enjoyed your first year of school and were able to share it with your family during your performance. What a year for learning, doing, and making new friends! And there's still more to come!!!

We love you.
Memere and Pepere

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?