Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Broadturn Farm Camp

Grace is attending camp this week at Broadturn Farm, which is an all organic farm located just around the corner from our home. We are incredibly lucky to live so close to this beautiful place. Broadturn Farm is also the site of this magical place (click here).

Here is the mission statement of Broadturn Farm camp:

"Our mission is to help children develop a knowledge, love and respect for locally produced food, the earth, organic farming and their local community. Children are taught the principles of animal welfare, farm and forest ecology through participation in the daily workings of the farm, investigation of the forest environments, creative play and exploration. We want to share the gifts of open spaces with the next generation of farmers and consumers, who will be charged with the preservation of farms like this."

"With an eye towards the unique needs of very young children, we structure the program to include lots of imagination, hands on learning and play activities. Little ones love coming to camp; feeding pigs, visiting the cows, collecting eggs, handling chicks and ducklings, munching veggies and strawberries in the garden, learning simple recipes, exploring the woods, building fairy houses, singing songs, listening to stories, playing games, making art, and of course… learning how to use an outhouse!"

Broadturn Farm camp is perfect for Grace and what an incredible learning experience it is for her and our family. I took this picture of Grace and Jack this morning as they walked together toward the farm.

As we left Grace this morning, she had a white tee shirt in hand and she was very excited to be making a camp logo shirt today. All of the campers will be wearing their camp shirts on Friday as they become tour guides to show their families around the farm.

When we picked up Grace today I found her carrying a shovel over her shoulder. Grace was beaming with pride because she had dug a "VERY BIG HOLE!" I loved seeing how proud Grace was of herself because she worked so hard to help her neighbors. I also loved seeing Grace with drips of strawberry juice on her dress, dirt smudged on her cheeks and under her nails, her shoes filled with mud and with her fingers stained green from tie dyeing her tee shirt earlier that morning. She had never looked more beautiful and I was so proud of my hard working girl.

In the picture above Grace is giving Jack a goodbye kiss and hug as we were leaving. Grace is always so sweet with her goodbyes.

Here is Jack leaving Broadturn Farm with Eve and I this morning. Jack can't wait to go to camp here when he is four, just like his big sister!

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