Sunday, June 26, 2011

Celebrating the First Day of Summer

When Maddy and Poppy visited last weekend to see Grace's dance recital (pictures to come), Maddy brought Grace, Jack and Eve seed "orbs". Grace and Jack celebrated the first day of summer by planting the seed orbs inside of plastic bags so that they could watch them sprout. The seed orbs can be seen inside of the orange and turquoise colored bowls in the above picture. The seed orbs are made out of recycled paper and wildflower seeds. The paper and seed mixture is compressed into tiny balls. The seed orbs are typically designed to be thrown into abandoned urban sites like sidewalk cracks or vacant lots in order to transform them into places worth looking at and caring for. The rain dissolves the paper and beautiful flowers will then begin to grow and bloom!

Grace and Jack filled plastic bags with soil, added some water and placed one seed orb inside each of the bags.

We taped the seed orb bags onto our sliding glass door. After a few days they began to sprout. We will be placing our sprouted seed orbs at the end of our driveway this coming week. I am also looking forward on making our own seed orbs this week.

Eve celebrated the first day of summer and her very first summer by finger painting with blue paint. She took her work very seriously! The color blue was used to represent a summer blue sky and the ocean. We hope our summer will be filled with lots of blue skies and many visits to the beach!

I'll share more of our first day of summer activities with you tomorrow. :)

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Always so taken with you, said...

I so ever-happy that you are back with pictures ̈‿

I'm glad that you are having such fun and learning with my orbs! What a great idea to have them sprouting in bags on your door. I have passed out quite a few this month and I am imagining flowers growing all over parts of Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. Keep me updated on their progress, please.

Jack, Grace, and Eve are sprouting flowers themselves...each in their own unique way and collectively as a family. I still cannot get over that beautiful picture of Eve. Talk about growing up!

I L♥VE all of you so much and continue to be amazed by what you do with your children, Rebecca.
Love again and again, Mom

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