Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Jack and Grace made a butterfly life cycle project today. This activity provides a great visual demonstration to explain how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Jack and Grace used paper plates for this project. They divided the paper plate into four sections. Jack and Grace labeled the outer edges of their plates with the four stages of the butterfly's life cycle. They used two small sticks and leaves for the egg and chrysalis stage & dried beans to represent the egg and the chrysalis. Grace drew the caterpillars and butterflies.

Here is Jack's representation of a butterfly's life cycle. We punched holes in the paper plates and have them hanging in our window. When Bob came home this evening Jack was so excited to explain a butterfly's life cycle to him. When we got to the chrysalis stage I asked Jack to tell Daddy what the caterpillar makes and Jack replied "a bean!" :)

Grace was very excited to help Jack with this project. Grace worked so hard to write all of the words, draw the caterpillars and butterflies and to explain the life cycle.

Here is Grace's completed butterfly life cycle project.

While Grace and Jack were working on the butterfly life cycle project Eve was closely watching while enjoying her homemade rattle that we made for her. We filled a container with some of the dried beans that Grace and Jack also used for their butterfly project.


Maddy, said...

*Grace's writing is amazing (just like her!). Her images of the caterpillars and butterflies are just so captivating. She is going to be a 'dream' student in school.
*That Roo is such a fun boy. We are laughing and laughing about that 'bean' story! Isn't he just cute enough to squeeze right up!
*And, Baby Eve has it all down in that little mind of her's. You can see in right in those big, big blue eyes of hers. She's going to be quite something -- maybe Eve will be running the team before long. [smile, Daddy!]

Rebecca, another incredible project for your children.
How you find the time, the energy, and the desire for learning and teaching just amazes me each and every day. What a Mama you are!
Love you so much,

Anonymous said...

rebecca, as always i'm so impress with all of your creativity .... hint, book..hehe

beautiful pictures.

love, elsie

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?