Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Broadturn Farm Camp Day Three

The day started off damp and foggy, which made the farm all the more beautiful this morning when we brought Grace to her third day of camp. Grace stood for a moment to admire the farm fields.

Broadturn Farm has a gentle giant of a dog named Stella. We have met Stella many times on our walks through the woods. Grace was quite happy to be greeted by Stella first thing this morning.

Once we arrived in the barn Grace was excited to find her camp t-shirt that she made yesterday. She will be adding the camp logo on it tomorrow.

Jack was fascinated by this outdoor tub. Jack asked if we could "get one of these." At first I laughed but the more I think about it.......what do you think, Bob?!? :)

Grace had her raincoat in hand this morning but in the end it was not needed after all. The fog lifted and the clouds cleared around mid-morning. It turned out to be a beautiful day.

I hope to get a picture of sweet baby Eve at the farm tomorrow or Friday. I carry Eve in a baby carrier so it is difficult to get a picture of her. Eve is so taken with all of the sites at the farm too. She was full of smiles as she heard the rooster give us several loud cock-a-doodle-doos this morning.


Bob said...

I'll get working on the outdoor tub as soon as I can get Rebecca and Mary Ann to confirm that they will use it.

outdoor bathtub love, said...

I suppose Rebecca told you, Bob, how much I like that outdoor bathtub! I really do! Oh, we would use it all right...not for bathing but just imagine of the projects we go do with it with the children. I'm thinking that it could be filled with books and pillows, painting of all sorts, fill it up with flowers, eat lunch in there, maybe even take an afternoon nap! Oh, yes, the possibilities are, I cannot wait for you to get one!

Oh, that fog in Maine is just so wonderful. Grace looks like a girl in a painting in that top photo. Jack is full of thoughts about what he could do with that tub...Jack tell Daddy! So cute, so cute!

I can see those big wonderful eyes of Eve's and her big smile taking in everything around her. She doesn't miss anything at all! Eve is really going to be something. We are all talking about her all the time.

Love to all.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?