Friday, June 3, 2011

Sandy Toes!

This is a sure sign that summer is near. Part of living in Maine and living so close to so many beaches is having sandy feet! We enjoyed a beautiful week here in Maine, including several days at the beach. We are so thankful that some warmer weather has finally arrived after a cool and rainy spring. I hope to catch up on blogging this weekend to share a few of our beach days as well as pictures from Memorial Day, several butterfly projects & activities and Grace's end of the year preschool ceremony.


The Ousdahls said...

I love Eve's sandy feet!!!

Mom, said...

Looking forward to seeing and reading about your new adventures but in the meantime, what could be better than looking at those sweet piggy toes full of sand!

I think about it and realize how fortunate it is that you live so near the beach--the Atlantic Ocean--as Grace says. Here's to Summers ☀ galore with sandy feet for all of you.

Love, Mom [happy weekend in June]
Kiss those babies for me!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?