Wednesday, June 15, 2011


While Grace and Jack were making their hammered flower prints, Eve was working on her own special flower painting. I painted the bottom of Eve's feet green and yellow to match the color of the grass and buttercups that we have in the fields surrounding our home. I taped a piece of paper onto our door and let Eve create her own buttercup flower masterpiece!

Here is Eve's finished painting!

Here is a field of buttercups that surrounds our home which inspired Eve's painting.


Proud Poppy said...

Hello Eve:

Maybe you will start a whole new school of art. And just think, we saw you in your buttercup stage. Keep up the good work, my youngest granddaughter.
Love, Poppy

Anonymous said...

Little feet creating a sunny masterpiece - what beautiful experiences are being created within her.

Sunny love, hugs, and kisses,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?