Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yellow & Blue Make Green

Color mixing
Grace spent an hour mixing various colors together and wanted to do more but we needed to get ready for dinner! Grace used a small dropper to transfer primary colors of water from two small jars into an empty third jar. The result amazed Grace ~ an entirely new color was made! When Daddy came home Grace told him that, "yellow & blue make green" and "blue & red make purple."


under a full moon said...

I cannot believe how many things Grace knows about. I'm sure that Grace loved to see the colors mix together to form a whole new color. I know that when Grace learns something she never forgets it, so I can just hear her telling Daddy all about her day and her new activity!
Love You Grace,

poppy and maddy said...

By the way, we both think that our Grace looks just like a scientist and such a pretty one at that! Love the pink Red Sox hat and love the intense look on Grace's sweet face!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?