Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Milkweed Leaves

Grace & I went on a walk this morning with a specific mission in mind ~ we were searching for milkweed hoping to find several monarch caterpillars on the milkweed leaves. I would love to find monarch caterpillars so Grace could observe the lifestages of a monarch butterfly. We were very excited to find several milkweed plants this morning, however, we did not find any caterpillars. Despite the lack of caterpillars, Grace collected several milkweed leaves in her bucket to bring home in order to examine them more closely. Grace was fascinated by the milky liquid that oozed from the leaves onto her fingers. Grace & I will continue on with our search for the monarch caterpillars!


so hoping and so wanting said...

Keep looking, Grace and Mommy! I know that you will find one or two monarch caterpillars. I would love for Grace to see this miraculous transformation happen again. The very best of luck on your search. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
I Love Our Little Nature Girl,

Poppy said...

Hi Gracie Girl:
Keep looking. I hope you find a catepillar to raise. Your Maddy found two caterpillars when she and I went on a picnic a few days ago. She is now raising them and looks forward to seeing them grow. We will then release them so they can go where ever caterpillars go. Do you know where caterpillars go? Let us know if you do. (We hope our cats don't discover them before they are ready to go.)
I hope you always keep your wonderful sense of awe. Don't hide your inner moonlight.

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