Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twenty-One Months Old

Grace turned twenty-one months old today. Here is an update about our Amazing Grace:

  • Grace has really been enjoying calendar time and she has learned so much as a result. Grace can now count to and identify all numbers up to 29.
  • Grace can recite all seven days of the week in their correct order.
  • I added the Pledge of Allegiance to calendar time, which is Grace's favorite part. Every morning Grace asks to, "sing the Pledge of Allegiance." She can recite nearly all of it by herself now!
  • Grace knows her first, middle, and last name.
  • Grace can identify the United States on a world map. She can also identify the states Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island on a map of the United States. Grace refers to Rhode Island as the "teeny tiny state." Grace is also able to name which family members live in the aforementioned states (The exception is Rhode Island - we don't have any family members there! I think Grace just likes the small size of Rhode Island).
  • Grace can verbally sequence common activities up to 4 steps. For example, Grace is able to tell me the process involved in washing her hands or how to make a scrambled egg. Grace says: "First crack, crack egg. Mix egg in bowl. Cook egg on hot stove. Eat egg!"
  • Grace has a strong love of animals. She can name so many animals including more unusual ones such as a kookaburra, emu, flamingo, lynx, elk, armadillo, and grouse.
  • Grace can read several words including Grace, Mommy, Daddy, Ella, cat, and Uncle Adam. She can also read many other words if the initial sound is accentuated. Grace continues to love all books and enjoys "reading" to Ella.
  • Grace continues to have the best sense of humor. She is always smiling and full of the best giggles. Grace makes Bob & I laugh every day - especially when it come to Grace imitating the beep of our microwave! :)

    Anonymous said...

    Just incredible list of accomplishments and milestones. I am so PROUD of my sister and brother in-law for nurturing the potential inside Grace to be such an exceptional little girl. It is to Rebecca and Bob's credit that they create an organized and fun atmosphere for Grace to thrive in. Gracie girl seems like a endlessly absorbing sponge. My mom always tells me that Grace wakes up with a smile and is filled with joy-what more could you ask!
    Love, Uncle Adam

    an overjoyed maddy** said...

    Our Grace is just AMAZING!

    Uncle Adam, you said it perfectly! I am also, beyond proud of Bob and Rebecca for being the very best parents that they can be to Grace. She is nurtured, loved, taught, and given examples of things that make her fascinating little mind expand with growth each and every day. I was talking to my good friends, Donna and Sarah last week and they both said that this could be such a tremendous world if every child were given the love and exposure to learn and develop as Grace has. This is what childhood SHOULD be all about. How absolutely wonderful for our families and friends to see this every day in pictures and in words about Grace. I am writing this with little tears in my eyes because I am so proud and so happy. We are truly blessed with our family in Maine.
    Showering Love to You,

    Anonymous said...

    Happy Month Day, Grace! We are enthralled with how many things you have accomplished.
    Love, kisses, and hugs,
    Memere and Pepere

    Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?