Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playground Fun

After Grace's swimming lesson this morning we enjoyed a beautiful day at the park. Grace was such a big girl ~ she climbed her way up to the top of several slides. She didn't even need me to catch her at the bottom. Grace even climbed up three levels all by herself to the top of an enclosed twisty slide. I nearly panicked as I watched Grace climb all the way up to the top. Being nearly seven months pregnant, I couldn't make my way up fast enought to follow her and I didn't think I could fit through the slide either!!!! I did peek my head up the slide where all I could see was Grace's face beaming with a huge smile at the very top. Grace let out a large laugh all the way down and I couldn't help but laugh along with her. It was a fun day for us both.

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Maddy ! said...

Grace, I cannot believe how quickly you are growing up...right before our very eyes. I love your spirit, your sense of adventure and your fearless explorations. You inspire me, to be more like you! I think that I will try something brand new today, just like you. Always and forever keep your contagious energy.
I Love You,
XO, Maddy

PS~Rebecca, I was so stunned when you told me this story on the phone and now seeing the pictures I can only say-----that's Our Grace for you!!

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