Thursday, September 4, 2008


Grace enjoyed looking at her books in her "big girl chair" after lunch today. Grace has a large basket filled with books next to our recliner. I was amazed to hear Grace tell me the title of all of her books as she looked at each one. I was even more amazed to hear Grace read me several of her books from beginning to end! Here, Grace is enjoying a book called, "From Caterpillar to Butterfly." It made me smile to hear Grace say, "Here the caterpillar comes out of cocoon and is a beauuuuuuuuuutiful butterfly" when the butterfly emerges at the end of the story.


Anonymous said...

What a cute little bookworm! We can't wait to have you read to us.
You can choose the book, and we'll be your mesmerized audience.
Memere and Pepere

with a "singing" heart!! said...

Dearest Grace,
How I LOVE to see your LOVE of books. Your Daddy told me the sweetest story last week::Daddy said that he was peeking through the door watching you sitting on Mommy's lap while she read during your morning reading time. Daddy told me that Mommy is the very, very best reader ever! He said that your precious little face was just bubbling over with excitement and anticipation with the turn of each page. When you came to the end of the story, Daddy said that his heart melted to see his two beautiful girls overcome with joy as you discovered the animal on the last page. What a magical moment for all of you to take the time for these nurturing moments. Thank you so much, Bob for sharing this captivating story with me.
I think books are the very, very things for children to experience.
Grace, your imagination is so stimulated because of your outstanding parents and their love of sharing the best things in a child's life with you!
In a word......perfect!
Love Forever and Ever and Ever Again,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?