Monday, September 29, 2008

Measuring Length With Unifix Cubes

Grace loves her unifix cubes and I love them too because there is so much that Grace can learn from them. This morning Grace & I explored length/height in detail. We walked around our house and grouped items together that were long and items that were short. We then compared the length of all of our items. Grace thought this was so much fun. We then used to unifix cubes to create towers that corresponded to the length of the items. Finally, we measured Grace and Ella's height using the cubes. We counted the cubes and found that Grace is 45 unifix cubes tall and Ella is approximately 11 unifix cubes in length!


love to see math work~maddy said...

Fantastic and sensational math work, Grace!

I love unifix cubes so much also. There are many math things that can be done with them. Measuring is such a terrific concept. Mommy, yet another terrific learning morning for Grace. I am missing learning-time so much. Wait until Grace sees a new month at calender time tomorrow. But, knowing Grace she already knows that! I wonder how many unifix cubes tall Daddy is!? What a mathematician Grace is!
With Love Higher Than Any Unifix Tower,

Aunt Melinda said...

Good job Grace, Michaela was working on her unifix cubes on Sun. while I was over at her house. When you do your new calendar tomorrow, Oct. 1, you can say happy birthday to Michaela. She will be three years old tomorrow. You girls are growing up so quickly....Ella too...I loved seeing how tall she was too.
Have fun with math.
Aunt Melinda

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