Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun at the Playground

We took Gracie girl to a playground today at Fort Williams Park, which is the home of the Portland Headlight. The lighthouse and ocean provided a beautiful backdrop to the playground. Grace loved absolutely everything about the playground! Grace climbed the stairs to the slide and slid down all by herself today. She also had a great time swinging on the swings and walking along a balance beam. Grace befriended another little girl there whose name was ELLA! Grace thought it was funny to introduce Ella to her beloved pink elephant with the very same name. Grace, Ella, & Ella greatly enjoyed each others company. They all shared a fun ride on the see-saw together.

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surprised by 2 Ellas! said...

Wow, Grace that looks like such a fun playground! You are quite the slider, the balancer and the see-sawer. You must have had the best time with your Ella and a new friend named, Ella. Isn't it great fun when things like that happen!?! Glad that you had a wonderful day.....
How extra-cute you look.
Love, Maddy

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