Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pumpkin Rocks

Grace & I made these cute pumpkin rocks together. It was a very fun fall project for us both and we are now ready for autumn to arrive on Monday!

Grace & I went for a walk yesterday morning in search of the perfect rocks that we could paint orange and turn into beautiful pumpkins! Grace loves rocks and she is always very particular as to which ones she chooses. She made some excellent choices!

Grace painted her rocks orange yesterday. We let them dry overnight and Grace added a second coat of orange paint this morning. I added eyes, noses, and mouths to the pumpkins and we later brought them outside to take a picture. Grace thought it was very funny to see her pumpkin rocks sitting in the grass. Grace is very proud of her pumpkin rocks and is extremely excited to give them away to her friends and family.


counting the minutes said...

Oooh, I love them! They are the most special pumpkins/rocks I have ever seen. I will be there to join in the celebration of Fall with you. We will have the perfect time together. Grace, I want to go on a walk with you to find a bunch of your special rocks. I have had a project/game in mind for you for some time now and I need just the right rocks. Can't wait!
I Love You, Pumpkin Pie.
See you tomorrow,
Maddy (along with Poppy and Uncle Adam, too!)

Pumpkin Proud Poppy said...

Hi Grace: Maddy & I really treasure our "Gracie Girl" original artwork. Tomorrow, I am taking my pumpkin rock to the office. You know, my favorite color is Orange. Maddy says I mispronounce "orange". It must be that lingering Delaware accent :)
(But, I think she secretly likes it.)
Love, Poppy

Aunt Melinda said...

Cute pumpkin rocks Grace. Tell your Poppy that my favorite color is orange too. Maybe that is a Deverell or Delaware thing too. Enjoy your week with Maddy. We just got back from a long weekend at the beach in Wildwood, NJ and we took Michaela. Always fun with a grand baby around. Have a great week.
Aunt Melinda

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