Friday, September 12, 2008

"E. E is for Ella."

Grace has started to write the lowercase letter 'e.' I initially thought it was a coincidence that she kept drawing a shape that resembled an 'e,' however, Grace has continued to write 'e' over & over again for the past two weeks. After writing all of her 'e's' Grace says, "E! E is for Ella." Today Grace was looking at all of her e's in her notebook and said, "E is for egg!" Grace continues to amaze me every day!


excited and electrified said...

Dearest Grace,
We are up early on Saturday morning and couldn't believe our eyes! We knew that it was just a matter of time before you began to write some of your favorite letters! Poppy keeps saying, "Grace isn't even 2 yet!"

We are extremely enamored with the ease that you exhibit your enchanting explorations!
Love you Eons,
Maddy & Poppy
(we love e's, too!)

happy 5th anniversary!!!!! said...

Our most special wishes and best love to Bob and Rebecca on their 5th Anniversary today, September 13!
What five years has brought us*****
a new wonderful family, our Amazing Grace and now a new Baby Boy in December. Wow! It's been an incredible five years and just think what is to come!
All of Our Love,
Mom & Dad
5 5 5 5 5 (five cheers!)

Anonymous said...

A is for Amazing! Wasn't it just the other day that I said before long she'd be adding letters and words to her journal... Grace you are one "Great" kid and Rebecca one "remarkable" Mom/teacher... I agree with Elsie, you have to write a book...
Huge Hugs From Very Little Vermont
xoxo Donna

Anonymous said...

happy 5th anniversary ;-)

congratulations and heartfelt wishes to an amazing couple (& parents).

joy, happiness and love to you both.

love elsie

Anonymous said...

another 3 cheers for sweet grace!!! boy!!! i am delighted that you started out with the letter "e" for ella, but "e" is also for elsie.....yeah!! right now i am feeling pretty special.

love to you little one. keep up the good work.

love, elsie

p.s. kind reminder: still waiting for the book you and maddy will be writing ;-)

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?