Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maddy Gives Ella Some Much Needed TLC

About a week ago Grace noticed a tear on the seam of one of Ella's legs. I knew that Maddy was coming for a visit in a few days so I told Grace that Maddy would fix Ella since she enjoys sewing. Every day since then Grace has said, "Maddy come to fix Ella's hole." This morning Maddy & Grace worked together to repair Ella and make her as good as new!

Note: Maddy has tendonitis and is wearing a specially made splint. Grace loves Maddy's splint and tells her she is a "silly willy" for wearing a "mitten."

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Anonymous said...

Yes that Maddy certainly has a wonderful talent at fixing things. She has fixed infinite things for me from clothes to problems in my life. I am sure just as I am that Grace is very grateful for Maddy's helpful hand. In fact Maddy repaired a torn foot on a "Raggedy Andy" over 30 years ago for me and she is still in the business of restoring loved ones like Ella! I hope her hand heals up soon.
Love, Uncle Adam

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