Sunday, September 28, 2008

Maddy, Poppy, & Grace

Maddy & Poppy returned to Vermont today. Grace has been talking about the special times she shared with Maddy & Poppy all afternoon. We all miss them so much. This past week is one that we will never forget. It was filled so many fun times, laughs, smiles, and sillies! Maddy, we can't thank you enough for all you did with and for Grace. Also, thank you for all you did to help us prepare for our baby boy. Grace thinks you are a "silly willy" and we all think you are absolutely wonderful! It was so special for us to watch you and Grace spend time together ~ the two of you share such a close bond. Some of the highlights from the week include: your mitten, music group, the animal park, drips, painting, apple orchard visits, the orange tutu, silly willy, let's take a look, oh my goodness, trying on clothes, and our trip to Freeport. Thank you, Poppy for the 1920's desk that you refinished for Grace. We know you spent countless hours restoring it and it's truly a treasure! We loved our trip to the map store together and I don't think any of us will forget finding Russia on the big globe. We truly appreciate Maddy & Poppy watching Grace yesterday, last night, and this morning while Bob and I went on a mini-vacation. We missed Grace SO much while we were away but we were very happy to hear how excited Grace was and how much of a good time she was having each time we called home. Thank you, again for all that you do for Grace and for our family. We love you!


Aunt Melinda said...

A priceless picture...I know just how Walt and Mary Ann feel. There is nothing better than speding time with a grand child. It is such a blessing that God allows into our lives. I am glad you guys had a great time........And by the way.....GO PHILLIES

back-in-vermont-maddy said...

I LOVE this picture! I cannot begin to say how wonderful last week was for me. I learned so many new things from Grace. I really have to take a giant step back and remember that Grace is only almost 22 months old. I am constantly amazed by all that Grace knows, does and says! I would like to add a few more things to the list of memorable moments::Grace's love of lotions, mixing red and yellow to make orange, wanting a white pumpkin, showing me every animal at the animal park and knowing facts about them (most were new to me!), visiting Dr. Britton, making blueberry pancakes, using playdough to make fossils, olives, olives and more and green, Mommy Ella wearing a diaper and socks, showing us where everything is located at the grocery store (and even knowing the isles!), Poppy, Maddy and Grace all wearing sparkly hairclips to the store :), Grace saying hello to everyone, watching Grace telling us the month, day, year and the weather, Grace saying ALL the letters and their sounds, counting, reading words, looking out the window to tell the weather, finding and pointing out countries and states on her maps, Mr. Potato Head, matching games, following directions and listening sooooo well at Music Group and during Swimming Lessons, Grace's ever-so-sweet-and-infectious-little-look when she is trying something for the first time, her tremendous sense of humor!!, and last but not least~all the moments with ELLA!
I love you Gracie Girl in all of your absolute joy and your enchanting bubbly personality. I cannot wait for your baby brother to come to add to all of the fun. Thank you for such a perfect week.
Love, Maddy XOXO

PS~An ever, ever HUGE thank you to Bob & Rebecca for all that you did for me last week. Spending precious time together was the best and all the laughs and stories will be with me for such a long time to come. Bob, thank you for always cooking such delicious meals and always making the best lobster ever! My Dearest Daughter Rebecca, thank you for all the talks and time together. I do not like living so far away but the week made up for it just a tiny bit. I Love You.

PS,PS~Melinda, Walter is sooo hoping for a Red Sox Phillies Series! Guess who you think he might be rooting for? Bob is just about ready to disown him!!!!

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