Sunday, October 13, 2013

Loving Autumn

I love this picture of Grace because it perfectly captures her spirit!
This pumpkin picture of Grace reminds me so much of THIS picture.


Anonymous said...

So open, so exhilerating, so joyous! And the little ones will show us the way. Thank you, Grace, for reminding us to stop and enjoy the wonder of the moment, of what is.

Hugs of love,

Anonymous said...

This comment is irrelevant to the theme of this picture, but this random thought popped into my head - Grace would be good at the Limbo, without even practicing.
What do you think?


Maddy, said...

There's my girl, Grace!!

Grace's spirit and energy and sparkle are so amazing. She has captivated me since birth with her qualities!
Grace spreads a special light upon the world wherever she goes. I see it every single time I am with her. No one ever forgets Grace after meeting her!

I cannot wait to see what becomes of Grace, Jack, and Eve as they grow. It's a celebration to watch!


Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?