Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snowflakes That Stay On My Nose & Eyelashes

We were inside this morning playing a board game with Grace while Jack was taking his morning nap. In the blink of an eye the snow that was falling outside transformed into the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen. It was one of the most beautiful snowfalls I have ever experienced. We quickly seized the moment, grabbed our hats and a piece of paper and headed outside. We ran outside to catch the large snowflakes on the paper so Grace could see how each one was different. Those big and beautiful snowflakes only lasted several minutes before they began to change over into tinier flakes. It is moments in life such as these, the sweet and simple ones, that are a few of my favorite things.


Anonymous said...

You seized the moment! (clapping)

Grace looks so proud, catching snowflakes. A quiet, inspirational, magical adventure. Love it!


I simply remember my favorite girl and boy, said...

Each picture of Jack and Grace are little-more favorite and special to me than the one before.
But, I do so have to say, that the top photo of Grace will have to be one of my all time favorites!
This is the t-r-u-e essence of our Gracie Girl !
She looks just like a little doll inside a snow globe. I so agree with you, sweet and simple are perfect.

I am hearing Grace singing, "My Favorite Things" all the way here,
~Maddy with a heart full of Love

still viewing...., said...

continuing to look and look and look.........

Love, Maddy

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?