Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cutting Hearts

While the paint on the groundhogs were drying yesterday I taught Grace how to cut out hearts. Grace was SO EXCITED to learn how to make hearts all by herself! I folded pieces of white, pink, and red paper in half and drew a half heart on the folds. Grace carefully cut along the lines and was amazed to open the papers to find that she had made hearts. Today, I left lots of folded papers with half drawn hearts on the table for Grace to cut out whenever she wanted to. I have a special project planned for all of Grace's beautiful hearts later this week!


from my *HEART*, said...

Oh, Rebecca, these pictures are so special!
I have always had a 'big-thing' for hearts and when you add our sweet Grace to the mix, well, it's just too tremendous for words!
I can hear and imagine how excited Grace must be to learn this technique for cutting out heart. And, I must say, after many years of watching children handle scissors, Grace has it down perfectly. Can't wait to see the special project that you all have planned.
Love, Maddy

PS ~ Rebecca, the way you capture the true essence of Jack & Grace in your photos is phenomenal. Those four little working hands just get me every-single time! Thank you, so much for adding this to my life.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine Grace waking up each morning, planning how many hearts she will cut out this day.
I can't imagine her getting tired of doing this.

Her fine motor skills are so strong. Those little fingers do amazing things.

Now, Rebecca, you have us in suspense to see what new creation you'll form using Grace's heap of hearts. It will be beautiful, no doubt about that.

Love to each of you,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?